Leviticus and outreach banner - 2010 onwards

New banner for 2011 - The Revo-luton continues...

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Timeline of Exodus and Leviticus History

Timeline with the journey of the Exodus Collective to the next Chapter as Leviticus Comm-Unity and moving forward

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The Leviticus (formerly Exodus) Collective are a Luton based Sound System and Social Movement who see ‘Leaving Babylon’ as re-building our community on the principles of oneness, sharing and co-operation, instead of those of greed, competition and hoarding which underpin the ‘Babylon System’.

So we re-claim disused lands and properties in our town to create our own tribal dances, free festivals, workplaces and homes...building an alternative ‘way of life’ right here in Luton.

So if you are into spiritual change making in your community, come join us and many others who are doing the same thing all over the world...the Movement of JAH People

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The parties are great but the bottom line is - IT'S TIME FOR CHANGE!

We know and understand that to change the problems we all face in the world, you need to have a plan, and our plan starts at home, down in Marsh Farm, Luton...

A group of volunteers who live down on the estate have come together to create 'Marsh Farm Outreach', a grassroots community group. By using Organisational Workshops to improve the local economy and ensure the voices of everyone can be heard, we can build and promote economic development models that work for local communities and the people living in them. The idea is a logical and simple one and it can be rolled-out across communities all over the UK and the world, changing the way we live, work and even party!

Find out more about Marsh Farm Outreach and the Organisational Workshop at the website www.marshfarmoutreach.org.uk


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